Gift Solicitation and Acceptance


This policy sets forth principles to solicit for and accept charitable gifts to the College.


  • The College will only accept gifts that are consistent with the institutional mission.
  • The College may solicit for and accept donations for programs and purposes which have the appropriate approval of the College.
  • Gifts must fully comply with any applicable federal or state laws.
  • Donative intent must be a primary motive for making a gift to the College.
  • Gifts must give the College control, subject to legally expressed donor intentions, over decisions regarding their expenditure.
  • The College will comply with any applicable state or federal requirements regarding gifts to educational institutions, and will account for gifts received in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards and principles and institutional accounting policies.
  • The College will exercise appropriate oversight so that gifts to the College are used for College purposes in accordance with the legally expressed intent of the donor as well as institutional policies.
  • The College will facilitate reports to donors on the use of their gifts.