Personnel Evaluation and Professional Development

This policy governs the performance evaluation and professional development of College faculty and administrative staff.


“Performance evaluation and professional development” shall mean a process undertaken between responsible administrators/supervisors and supervisees to assess, guide, improve, and recognize personnel performance, resulting in effective progress toward achievement of organizational and individual goals. It includes clarifying job expectations, encouraging and supporting professional development, providing specific feedback, and encouraging ongoing, two-way communication between supervisees and supervisors.


  • The College cultivates a high performing workforce through personnel performance evaluation and development that engages the entire organization, is appropriate to the nature of the work, recognizes exemplary performance, and addresses substandard performance.
  • The College is committed to providing its personnel with opportunities to participate in professional development, education, and training activities directed at optimizing productivity, enhancing personnel personal and professional competencies, and nurturing a new generation of leaders prepared and able to lead the College into the future, consistent with managing the responsibilities and needs of their units.
  • The College holds its leaders, responsible administrators, and supervisors accountable for engaging in the performance evaluation and development process in a fair and equitable manner and for ensuring the alignment of personnel and organizational goals and priorities.
  • The College and its personnel share responsibility for continued learning and development appropriate to work duties and for the pursuit of individual, unit, and institutional success.
  • The College seeks to maintain a program of training and development opportunities to address existing and projected competency needs, improve job performance, and enhance management and leadership talents.


College leaders, responsible administrators, and supervisors shall be held accountable for implementing a performance evaluation and development process that is free of discrimination and is consistent in the treatment of personnel, provides for accurate performance reviews, and encourages open communication.

Personnel are expected to understand the importance of their contribution to the College’s mission, values, and success, and to exercise responsibility for actively engaging in the performance evaluation process and subsequent development efforts.

Whenever compatible with needs of teaching and operations, the College shall encourage and assist faculty and administrative staff in their continual professional development through release time, financial support, and recognition. The College also organizes periodic in-service professional development and supports academic departments in inviting professionals for development activities.