Undergraduate Programs

Develop a versatile skill set—choose from a personalized selection of arts courses and gain a solid foundation in business management.
A program that takes gifted dancers to the next level, with world-class faculty and facilities.
Hone and perfect your artistry with conservatory-style training in classical ballet and classical Chinese dance.
Expert guidance and robust training in the visual arts—prepare for a career in graphic design, art creation, or creative direction.
Pursue studies in set design, lighting, digital media, stage management, and more, while learning from experienced faculty.
Fei Tian’s unique curriculum prepares you to perform the classical music of both East and West, giving you a variety of career options.
Healthcare expertise allows you to positively impact others’ lives. Flexible curriculum and great internships.
Learn the principles and practice of data collection, analysis, and visualization for a wide range of applications needed in today’s job market.

Graduate Programs

An MFA in classical Chinese dance from Fei Tian will position you among the world’s best.
Deepen and expand your knowledge and skills in dance creation, analysis, pedagogy, and performance as you prepare for a top position.
For the serious performer of classical music, this program sets the stage for a lifetime of musical endeavors.
Advance your career with this interdisciplinary field that combines applied math, statistics, and computer science with machine learning and AI.

Join the ranks of our accomplished alumni