Failure to Maintain Status

Examples of failure to maintain status include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Dropping below full-time studies without proper authorization.
  • Attending a school other than the one a student is authorized to attend.
  • Failure to apply for a timely I-20 extension, SEVIS record transfer, or change in level of education.
  • Engaging in unauthorized employment.
  • Failure to notify the DSO before travel abroad, leave of absence, or withdrawal.
  • Failure to report within 10 days a change to any of the following: official name, mailing address in the U.S., permanent address in the home country, email address, phone number, program, legal status.

The College is required to manage all F-1 student records in SEVIS each semester. Students who fail to maintain lawful status will lose the privileges of their student status and become subject to deportation and possibly other sanctions.

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