Leave-Taking and Travel

Any F-1 student who intends to take a temporary leave of absence or travel abroad during a semester in which he or she is registered must notify and consult the Office of International Services ahead of time.

If the leave will be longer than five months, the student should consult staff at the Office of International Services at least 15 days prior to departure. The student’s SEVIS record will be terminated and the I-20 Form rendered invalid. Two months prior to returning to the College, the student must contact the Office of International Services and complete the procedures to return for studies in F-1 status.

Before traveling abroad, F-1 students should check the expiration dates on their passport and visa and obtain a new travel endorsement on the I-20 Form from the International Student Advisor or Designated School Official (DSO), if needed. If the visa is expired or will expire while the student is abroad, he or she may need to renew it while abroad in order to re-enter the U.S. in F-1 status.

Coursework Outside the United States

Students who wish to remain outside the United States for an extended period of time for activities related to their programs may qualify to retain F-1 status but must maintain full-time registration during two semesters of the year. Consult the Office of International Services for details.

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