General Information

Fei Tian College offers need and merit-based institutional scholarships and aid to qualified and motivated students.

Need-based grants are awarded on a competitive basis to students with demonstrated financial need, satisfactory academic progress, and moral standing. This grant can only be applied towards tuition.

Merit-based scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to students with good academic standing, moral standing, extracurricular participation, and other merit indicators.

Applicants for the College’s Institutional Scholarship and Financial Aid must be currently enrolled or intending to apply as a full-time student. Degree-seeking part-time students who wish to apply can contact the Office of Student Financial Services (SFS).

Institutional Scholarships and Financial Aid are awarded on an annual basis and do not renew automatically unless otherwise specified. Applicants must submit an application and supporting documents for each academic year to be considered. Any Need-based aid the student is awarded will be reduced by the amount of the merit-based awards, if eligible.

Should a student discontinue a portion of that enrollment period, appropriate adjustments will be made to the student’s award in accordance with the refund and repayment policies of the College.

In the case a student’s eligibility for financial aid and scholarships changes, SFS will adjust the previously awarded amount. This may result in the immediate reversal of the award and may leave the student with an outstanding balance. Students must note that if their enrollment status changes between full-time and part-time, they will automatically forfeit all previously awarded aid and may be required to reapply for financial aid and scholarship.

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