Non-Degree Applicants

Fei Tian College provides opportunities for individuals interested in taking classes to gain knowledge and skills but are not yet ready to commit to working toward a degree.

Auditing Courses

Step 1: Registration

If you would like to take individual courses offered by Fei Tian College, please submit the following documents:

Disclaimer: Audited courses are non-credit bearing. Students who choose to audit courses will not receive any course credit, and cannot retake such courses for credit. For students that are seeking a degree in a specific program, please make sure with your advisor that you are not auditing a required course.

Step 2: Upload Documents

Once you have completed your application forms, please upload the files here.

Step 3: Audit Fee Payment

The application will be processed upon receipt of the audit fee. Students will be charged $300 per credit for lecture courses, and $600 per credit for studio courses.

Summer Sessions

Coming soon

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