Return and Refund of Financial Aid

A student who receives financial aid and subsequently drops a course(s) may have his/her financial aid award adjusted pro rata to match tuition assessment. However, in the case of a student who receives a scholarship that requires full-time enrollment then drops below full-time status, the scholarship will be canceled for that semester. Any time a student withdraws from a course, scholarship eligibility could be in jeopardy.

If the student does not enroll in FTC or enrolls and then separates from the College, (s)he may be required to return any “unearned” portion of financial aid received. If the student receives federal, state, or private financial aid, (s)he must comply with that institution’s policies on financial aid refunds.

The resulting College bill may show a credit and/or charges in the student’s financial account. Before a refund can be issued, any existing credit must be applied toward the financial aid programs that administered financial aid.

Any student who receives a Fei Tian College Tuition and Fees waiver, or Room and Board coverage who separates from the College, will have their Tuition and Fees Waiver end the day after the official date of separation from the College, while their Room and Board coverage will end within 48 hours of the official date of separation from the College.

Non-attendance and/or failure to officially separate from the College may result in the cancellation of financial aid and all charges being billed to the student.

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