Standards for Financial Aid Recipients

Students receiving financial aid are expected to remain in good standing at the College. Failure to maintain good standing can result in sanctions, including but not limited to revocation of financial aid.

To remain eligible for financial aid, students must meet all three measures of satisfactory academic progress:

1. Cumulative GPA requirements:

Students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.

2. Minimum pace required to complete a degree within the maximum time frame:

Students are expected to enroll full-time, defined as 12 credits per semester, to maintain good academic standing. You are expected to satisfactorily complete a minimum of 10 credits if you are full-time, and 80% of credits attempted if enrolled part-time.

3. Maximum time frame for degree completion:

The maximum time frame for degree completion is 150% of the normal timeframe for the program. Students are eligible for 12 semesters of aid without taking into account transfer credits. If students have credits accepted for transfer or students enroll in summer, the maximum number of semesters of aid eligibility is prorated.

There is an academic progress review at the end of each semester. A financial aid recipient demonstrating unsatisfactory academic progress may be placed on academic probation for the next semester. During the probationary period, financial aid will still be available. But if the student fails to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress the next semester, the financial aid will be revoked.

After the revocation, the student may apply for financial aid if the student is able to meet the end-of-semester review standards for satisfactory academic progress in the following semester.

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