Career and Internship Services

The Office of Academic Services is the College’s central resource for information on career pathways, including graduate school and employment opportunities. Individual career counseling and programs on various career possibilities are offered to assist students with career information gathering, exploration, and decision-making processes. Career interest assessments are also available to identify specific career options.

The staff of Academic Services strives to ensure that all graduates will achieve or have access to broader potential career and professional development opportunities, a greater understanding of the world of work, and a fuller awareness of their personal attributes, values, interests, and skills and how they relate to career options.

Academic Services currently offers the following career services to enrolled students:

  • Job information services
  • Individual career consultations: to help students with job search, resume writing, making connections, and preparing for job interviews
  • Career mentor: for students who might benefit from having someone guide them through their career decisions
  • Career seminars and workshops
  • Internship and potential employer information
  • Advisement for practicum opportunities
  • Information related to career opportunities, job training, job trends, and so on
  • Alumni databases
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