Degree Audit

Students can request degree audits from the Office of the Registrar. A degree audit is an academic advisement tool to assist students with planning and tracking progress toward graduation. The degree audit compares a student’s academic record against the requirements for his or her degree. It includes courses the student has completed at Fei Tian, courses in progress, and transfer credits.

The degree audit is not an official transcript and cannot replace the need to meet regularly with an academic advisor.

The degree audit helps you:

  • Learn the degree requirements for your major and minor, if you have one. It lists the courses in your major as well as courses that fulfill the general education requirements and what you need in order to graduate.
  • Identify courses needed to complete your major and/or minor
  • See which courses you have taken that do not count towards your major
  • View the grades, transfer credits, and/or waivers applied to your transcript
  • Select the correct courses for the next semester or session
  • Confirm your grade-point average (GPA)
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