Biomedical Sciences

Students pursuing a non-Biomedical Sciences major have the option of also pursuing a minor in Biomedical Sciences, by completing a minimum of 18 credits as per the following curriculum.

Code Course Title Credits Prerequisite(s)
Required (12 cr)
BSC211 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3 BSC102, Co-requisite
BSC211L Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab 1 BSC102L, Co-requisite
BSC212 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 3 BSC211, Co-requisite
BSC212L Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab 1 BSC211L, Co-requisite
   Pick any of the following 2 series
BSC222 Cell Biology 3 BSC102, Co-requisite
BSC222L Cell Biology Lab 1 BSC102L, Co-requisite
BSC321 Molecular Biology 3 BSC102, Co-requisite
BSC321L Molecular Biology Lab 1 BSC102L, Co-requisite
Electives (6 cr)
   Select from the following or any other BSC### / BMS### courses in upper division from BMS curriculum
BMS132 Nutrition, Health and Wellness 3 None
BMS321 Human Genomics and Personalized Medicine 3 BSC102 & STA101
BMS331 Public Health and Epidemiology 3 STA101
BMS332 Introduction to Integrative Medicine 3 BSC212
BMS431 Introduction to Human Pathology 3 BSC212
BMS432 Introduction to Pharmacology 3 CHM211 or CHM213
BSC221 Introduction to Microbiology 3 BSC102, Co-requisite
BSC221L Introduction to Microbiology Lab 1 BSC102L, Co-requisite
BSC223 Human Genetics 3 BSC102
BSC332 Introduction to Immunology 3 BSC212
BSC331 Introduction to Neuroscience 3 BSC212
BSC434 Introduction to Bioinformatics 3 BSC102 & STA101
Total Required Credits 18

* To register for any course, a student must either meet the prerequisites or get approval by the instructor.

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