Data Analytics

Students who are not pursuing a data science major, may earn a minor in Data Analytics. Candidates are required to meet requirement from his/her major program and complete a total of 18 credits in Data Science courses as required below.

Code Course Title Credits Prerequisite(s)
Core Requirements (12 cr) 12
CIS102 Introduction to Computing 3 None
CIS221 Database Systems 3 CIS102
STA205 Statistical Computing and Graphics 3 STA101
STA331 Applied Regression Analysis 3 STA101 & MAT103
Electives (6 cr)
   Select two courses from the following
STA202 Introduction to Probability 3 STA101 & MAT106
STA211 Statistical Theory and Methods 3 STA202
STA305 Advanced Statistical Computing and Graphics 3 STA211 & STA205
STA321 Design and Analysis of Experiments 3 STA211
STA331 Multivariate Analysis 3 STA211
STA335 Bayesian Analysis 3 STA211
STA341 Survival Analysis 3 STA211
STA345 Nonparametric Statistics 3 STA211
STA371 Optimization 3 STA211
CIS105 Data Structure and Algorithms 3 CIS102
CIS331 Data Mining 3 CIS105 & STA101
CIS335 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 3 CIS105 & STA101
CIS341 Cloud Computing and Big Data 3 CIS102
DAS321 Sample Survey and Customer Analytics 3 STA101
DAS341 Business Data Analytics 3 STA101
DAS342 Health Data Analytics 3 STA101
DAS345 Introduction to Computational Biology 3 BSC101 & STA101
Total Credits Required 18
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