Oil Painting

Students pursuing a non-Fine Arts major have the option of also pursuing a minor in Oil Painting, by complete a minimum of 21 credits as per the following curriculum.

Code Course Title Credits Prerequisite(s)
Drawing Fundamental Skills and Training (10 cr)
ART107 Dynamic Composition 2 None
DRP101R Drawing I 4 None
DRP102 Painting 4 DRP101R
Oil Painting Skill and Techniques (6 cr)
   Choose 3 courses from either the following list or any ART, DRP course(s)
DRP103 Quick Sketch Techniques 2 None
ART103 Introduction to Sculpture 2 None
DRP203 Landscape Painting 2 DRP102
DRP202 Still Life Painting 2 DRP102
DRP321 Portrait Painting 2 DRP202,DRP203
DRP322 Half-length Portrait 2 DRP321
Composition (2 cr)
DRP310R Composition I 2 DRP204
Art History Requirement (3 cr)
   Select one of the following ARH courses
ARH101 Art History I 3 None
ARH102 Art History II 3 ARH101
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