Graduate Academic Advising

Each graduate student is expected to select a faculty advisor by the end of the first semester of graduate studies. The faculty advisor provides advising on graduate course selection and projects.

Students in the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Classical Chinese Dance program must select faculty advisors who specialize in subjects they wish to explore for their MFA Master’s Project. The MFA faculty advisor serves as the chair of the project committee and meets with the student regularly to ensure the student is making appropriate progress toward completion of the Master’s Project and Oral Defense.

Students in the Master of Music (MM) in Performance program with work with their faculty advisor on their Graduate Recital, including comprehensive program notes.

Faculty advisors have the right to decline an advisee request. The advisor may be changed upon the request of either the student or faculty. A change of faculty advisor may delay the student’s progress toward degree completion. If a student cannot secure a faculty advisor by the end of the first semester, a staff member from the Office of Graduate Studies will provide advising on course selection. If a student has still not secured a major advisor by the second year of studies, the Program Director in the student’s department will, by default, serve as the student’s faculty advisor.

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