Program Learning Outcomes

After completing this program, students will:

  1. Mastery of Artistic Techniques: Gain a high level of proficiency in oil painting, including understanding and effectively using oil paint materials, tools, and methods relevant to their practice while using techniques of the old masters.

  2. Creative Expression and Artistic Language: develop their unique artistic language. This involves expressing ideas, emotions, and concepts through their art, demonstrating a clear and distinct artistic identity.

  3. Critical Thinking and Art Analysis: develop analytical skills to critique and evaluate artwork, both their own and that of others. Graduates will be able to discuss and write about art with depth, context, and insight.

  4. Artistic Research Skills: engage research to enrich their artistic knowledge. Graduates will be capable of conducting research, analyzing their findings, and integrating relevant concepts and ideas into their work.

  5. Collaboration and Professionalism: Graduates will have the skills for collaboration and interdisciplinary work to interact and cooperate with other artists, curators, and art professionals. Graduates will have a deep understanding about the professional aspects of the art world, such as networking, exhibition opportunities, and grant applications.

  6. Art Theory and Art History: Through the study of art theory and art history, graduates will have a breadth of understanding of the historical and contemporary context of art. Graduates will use this knowledge to inform and enrich their own artistic practice.

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