Curriculum Details

The following table lists the courses for the MS in Biostatistics Program.

Course List for MS in Biostatistics

Code Course Title Credits Prerequisite(s)
Core Requirements (21 cr)
BMS512 Principles Of Epidemiology 3 None
BMS542 Public Health Foundations 3 None
BST501 Statistical Methods in Epidemiology 3 None
BST511 Categorical Data analysis 3 None
BST521 Advanced Regression Analysis for Public Health Studies 3 STA512 & BMS542
STA502 Probability Theory 3 None
STA512 Statistical Inference 3 STA502
Electives (15 cr)
   Complete 15 credits from the following
BST621 Sampling Methods 3
BST631 Real-world Health Care Data Analysis 3 STA512 & BMS542
BST671 GIS and Spatial Analysis for Public Health 3 STA512 & BMS542
BST731 Clinical Trial: Design and Analysis of Medical Experiments 3 STA512
BST741 Statistical Methods in Genetics 3 STA512
BST751 BST Thesis 6 Dept. Approval
STA521 Design and Analysis of Experiments 3 STA512
STA539 Time Series 3 STA512
STA541 Survival Analysis 3 STA512
STA571 Advanced Statistical Computing 3 STA512
STA635 Bayesian Statistics 3 STA512
STA637 Survival Analysis 3 STA512
STA641 Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis 3 STA512
STA745 Nonparametric Statistics 3 STA512
Total Credits Required for Graduation 36

Students must also pass both the Theory and Applied Biostatistics Qualifying Examinations.

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