Curriculum Details

Major Requirements (79 Credits)

The major requirements are comprised of management core courses, major electives, and art concentration courses. Management core provides students with training on business management, marketing, finance, and accounting, as well as non-profit organization fundraising. Students can further expand their knowledge in arts and management through elective courses. Additionally, all students will choose one area of art in which they want to specialize: performing arts or fine arts.

Major Required Courses for BFA in Arts Management

Code Course Title Credits Prerequisite(s)
Management Core (27 cr)
ACC221 Financial Accounting 3 None
ACC222 Managerial Accounting 3 ACC221
AMG335 Fund Raising for the Arts 3 None
AMG431 Business Plan Development 3 MKT201 & ACC222
BUS121 Fundamentals of Arts Management 3 None
BUS213 Business Finance 3 ACC221
BUS331 Arts and Entertainment Law 3 None
MGM331 Organizational Behavior 3 None
MKT201 Principles of Marketing 3 None
Major Electives (18 cr)
   Choose a minimum of 9 Cr from the following list and the rest from either the following list
     or any ARH, ART, DRP, DSG, DAN, DAB, MUS course(s) in upper division
AMG334 Public Relations for the Arts 3 None
MKT321 Digital Marketing 3 MKT201
CIS102 Introduction to Computing 3 None
ECO211 Microeconomics 3 ECO101
HRM301 Introduction to Human Resource Management 3 None
BUS211 Marketing for Creative Industries 3 None
BUS214 Financial Market and Investment 3 ACC221
DAS341 Business Data Analysis 3 STA101
AMG351 Art Management Junior Internship 3 Dept. Approval
MGM432 Managing and Leading Organizations 3 None
Senior Synthesis and Career Development (4 cr)
   Choose one of:
AMG455 Senior Project 4 Dept. Approval
AMG459 Arts Management Practicum 4 Dept. Approval
AMG469 Arts Management Internship 4 Dept. Approval
Concentration: Choose one of
   Concentration – Performing Arts (30 cr)
     History/Theory/Literature 15
ARH102 Art History II 3 None
DAN141 Introduction to Performing 2 None
DAN232 Dance Anatomy 2 None
DAN242 History of Dance: East and West 2 None
DAN311A Dance Pedagogy I 2 None
MUS240A History of Western Music A 2 None
MUS240B History of Western Music B 2 MUS240A
     Techniques/Practices 15
       Select a minimum of 16 cr from the following courses
DAB101R Fundamentals of Classical Ballet I 6 None
DAB201R Fundamentals of Classical Ballet II 6 DAB101R
DAB301R Fundamentals of Classical Ballet III 6 DAB201R
DAN121R Introduction to Repertoire of Dance 2 None
DAB221R Repertory and Rehearsal I: Ballet 3 DAN121R
DAB312A Choreography I: Classical Ballet 2 None
DAN101R Fundamentals of Classical Chinese Dance I 6 None
DAN201R Fundamentals of Classical Chinese Dance II 6 DAN101R
DAN301R Fundamentals of Classical Chinese Dance III 6 DAN201R
DAN221R Repertory and Rehearsal I: Classical Chinese Dance 2 DAN121R
DAN312A Choreography I: Classical Chinese Dance 2 None
DAN132 Modern Dance 2 Instructor approval
MUS102 Keyboard Skills 2 None
MUS202 Advanced Keyboard Skills 2 MUS102
   Concentration – Fine Arts (30 cr)
     History/Theory/Literature 13
ARH101 Art History I 3 None
ARH102 Art History II 3 None
ARH131 History of Graphic Design 3 None
ART111 Visual Literacy I 2 None
DSG215 Design with Color 2 None
     Techniques/Composition 17
       Select a minimum of 17 cr from the following courses or select any DRP and/or DSG courses from FAD curriculum
ART101A Perspective A 2 None
ART101B Perspective B 2 ART101A
ART103 Introduction to Sculpture 2 None
ART107 Dynamic Composition 2 None
ART105 Photography 2 None
Total Major Requirements 79

General Education (40 credits)

All undergraduate students are required to complete a minimum of 40 credits of General Education (Gen Ed) Core.

The following major courses also fulfill the Art and Aesthetics requirement (5 credits) in Gen Ed for students in Fine Arts and Design.

Degree Specified Courses for the Gen Ed Core

Code Title Credits Gen Ed Area
Performing Arts Concentration
MUS240A History of Western Music A 2 Art and Aesthetics
MUS240B History of Western Music B 2 Art and Aesthetics
DAN242 History of Dance: East and West 2 Art and Aesthetics
Fine Arts Concentration
ARH101 Art History I 3 Art and Aesthetics
ART111 Visual Literacy I 2 Art and Aesthetics

BFA in Arts Management majors are required to take the following additional Gen Ed courses.

Degree Required Additional Gen Ed Courses

Code Course Title Credits
BMS132 Nutrition, Health and Wellness 3
PHL132 Philosophical Perspectives II 1
PHL231 Philosophical Perspectives III 1

Free Electives (6 credits)

Students are required to take an additional 9 credits of courses of their choice offered by the College.

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