Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the BFA program, students should be able to:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of traditional theater stage techniques including scenic, lighting, costume, and sound design.
  2. Design scenery and set, lighting, sound, and backdrops, in accordance with the requirements of different performances and under the restrictions of the specificities of different theaters.
  3. Apply and integrate visual elements, such as colors, shapes, and styles, into stage production and design, including scenery, set, backdrop, and costume design, on the basis of traditional aesthetics.
  4. Adapt design to suit the theatrical needs of different cultural settings.
  5. Effectively use technology to gather and communicate ideas and information to accomplish a specific task.
  6. Collaborate with others to successfully complete production and design on the basis of a solid understanding of all aspects of stage production, including stage management and resource management.
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