Curriculum Details

Major Requirements (70 credits)

The major requirements are comprised of basic science courses in biology, chemistry, as well as human body and health science, courses required for one of two concentrations, and courses in professional experience and research.

Code Course Title Credits Prerequisite(s)
Major Core (39 cr)
BMS101 Introduction to Biomedical Sciences 1 None
CHM101 General Chemistry I 3 None
CHM101L General Chemistry I Lab 1 None
CHM102 General Chemistry II 3 CHM101
CHM102L General Chemistry II Lab 1 CHM101L
BSC101 General Biology I 3 None
BSC101L General Biology I Lab 1 None
BSC102 General Biology II 3 BSC101
BSC102L General Biology II Lab 1 BSC101L
BSC211 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3 BSC102
BSC211L Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab 1 BSC102L
BSC212 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 3 BSC211
BSC212L Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab 1 BSC211L
BMS102 Medical Terminology 2 None
BMS343 Biomedical Ethics 2 None
BMS326 Biomedical Science Literature 2 BSC21
BMS461 Biomedical Science Practicum II 4 BMS326 and 80 cr
Major Electives (31 cr)
   Select at least 31 cr from the following list of courses
BSC215 Cell & Molecular Biology 3 BSC102
BSC215L Cell & Molecular Biology Lab 1 BSC102L
BSC213 Introduction to Microbiology and Lab 3 BSC102
CHM211 Organic Chemistry I 3 CHM102, Co-requisite
CHM211L Organic Chemistry I Lab 1 CHM102L, Co-requisite
CHM212 Organic Chemistry II 3 CHM211, Co-requisite
CHM212L Organic Chemistry II Lab 1 CHM211L, Co-requisite
CHM213 Principles of Organic and Biochemistry 3 CHM102, Co-requisite
CHM213L Principles of Organic and Biochemistry Lab 1 CHM102L, Co-requisite
BSC322 Biochemistry 3 CHM211
BSC222 Cell Biology 3 BSC102, Co-requisite
BSC222L Cell Biology Lab 1 BSC102L, Co-requisite
BSC321 Molecular Biology 3 BSC102, Co-requisite
BSC321L Molecular Biology Lab 1 BSC102L, Co-requisite
BSC223 Human Genetics 3 BSC102
BSC325 Cellular and Molecular Biology 3 BSC102, Co-requisite
BSC325L Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab 1 BSC102L, Co-requisite
BSC326 Human Genetics and Genomics 3 BSC102
BSC433 Developmental Biology 3 BSC212
   Biomedical Sciences
BMS431 Introduction to Human Pathology 3 BSC212
BSC332 Introduction to Immunology 3 BSC212
BSC331 Introduction to Neuroscience 3 BSC212
BMS432 Introduction to Pharmacology 3 CHM211 or CHM213
BMS331 Public Health and Epidemiology 3 STA101
BMS321 Human Genomics and Personalized Medicine 3 BSC102 & STA101
BSC434 Introduction to Bioinformatics 3 BSC102 & STA101
BMS361 Biomedical Sciences Internship 3 Permission form
BMS462 Biomedical Sciences Practicum II 4 BSC326 and 80 cr
   General Science
PHY101* General Physics I* 3 Co-requisite
PHL101L* General Physics I Lab* 1 Co-requisite
PHY102* General Physics II* 3 PHY101, Co-requisite
PHY102L* General Physics II Lab* 1 PHY101L, Co-requisite
MAT105* Calculus I* 4 None
MAT106 Calculus II 4 MAT105
Total Credits Required for Graduation 70

*Required by students aiming for medical school

General Education (45 credits)

The College requires that all undergraduate students, regardless of major, complete core general education courses in nine distributions. The Gen Ed requirements for Biomedical Sciences students are 45 credits.

Students majoring in Biomedical Sciences are required to take four courses from the Gen Ed curriculum: Academic Writing (ENG201), Introduction to Statistics (STA101), Introduction to Psychology (BMS135), and Nutrition, Health and Wellness (BMS132). Students aiming for nursing or occupational therapy also need to take an additional course, Introduction to Sociology (SOC101).

Code Course Title Credits Prerequisite(s)
College Core (11 cr)
   College Success (2 cr)
LAS102 College Success 2 None
LAS004 Career Development 0 None
   College English (3 cr)
ENG101 Effective English 3 Placement test
   World Civilizations (6 cr)
CIV111 Western Civilization 3 ENG101
CIV112 Chinese Civilization 3 ACC221
CIV113 World Civilization 3 None
Breadth Distribution (26 cr)
   Humanities (6 cr)
HUM125 U.S. Society and Government 3 None
HUM204 Survey of Western Literature 3 ENG101
HUM221 The Making of the Modern World 3 None
HUM222 Topics in Chinese History 3 None
   Writing and Rhetoric (3 cr)
ENG104 Public Speaking 3 ENG101
ENG201* Academic Writing* 3 ENG101
ENG205 Writing for Media 3 ENG101
ENG221 Debate and Argumentation 3 ENG101
   Quantitative Reasoning (3 cr)
MAT101 Mathematics in Applied Context 3 None
MAT104 Applied Calculus 3 None
MAT105 Calculus I 4 None
MAT106 Calculus II 4 MAT105
MAT201 Linear Algebra 4 None
STA101* Introduction to Statistics* 3 None
   Scientific Reasoning (6 cr)
     Social Sciences (3 cr)
BMS135* Introduction to Psychology* 3 None
ECO101 Principles of Economics 3 None
SOC101^ Introduction to Sociology^ 3 None
     Natural Sciences (3 cr)
BMS132* Nutrition, Health, and Wellness* 3 None
DAN212 Dance Anatomy 3 None
   Art and Aesthetics (5 cr)
ARH101 Art History I 3 None
ARH102 Art History II 3 None
ARH131 History of Graphic Design 3 None
ART111 Visual Literacy I 2 None
DAN242 History of Dance: East and West 2 None
ART107 Dynamic Composition 2 None
MUS240 History of Music 3 None
   Values and Ethics (3 cr)
PHL130 Philosophical Perspectives I 1 None
PHL131 Philosophical Perspectives II 1 None
PHL231 Philosophical Perspectives III 1 PHL130 and PHL131
LAS005 Self-cultivation Practice 0 None
World Language and Literature (8 cr)
CLC111 Elementary Chinese I 4 Placement test
CLC112 Elementary Chinese II 4 CLC111
CLC211 Intermediate Chinese I 4 Placement test
CLC212 Intermediate Chinese II 4 CLC211
CLC311 Advanced Chinese I 4 Placement test
CLC312 Advanced Chinese II 4 CLC311
Total Required Credits 45

* Required for all BMS students

^ Required for students who aim for Nursing or Occupational Therapy graduate programs. Overflow credits will be counted towards Free Electives.

Free Electives (6 credits)

Students are free to choose 6 credits from the Biomedical Sciences elective courses or any other college level courses offered by the College.

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