Approved Gen Ed Courses

College Core (11 cr required)

College Success (2 cr)

A course to equip students with information literacy, critical thinking, and study skills for achieving academic success at the college level.

Code Title Credits Prerequisites Required for
LAS100 College Success 2 All

College English (3 cr)

A course that guides students in the process of and strategies for college-level academic writing.

Code Title Credits Prerequisites Required for
ENG101 Effective English 3 Placement test All

World Civilizations (6 cr)

Courses that survey the major intellectual, cultural, and artistic achievements of the Western and major non-Western civilizations.

Code Title Credits Prerequisites Required for
CIV101 Western Civilization 3 ENG101 All
CIV102 Chinese Civilization 3

Humanities (6 cr required)

Courses that provide in-depth explorations of the philosophy, history, literature, government, and art of major cultural traditions.

Code Title Credits Prerequisites Required for
HUM125 US Society and Government 3   
HUM204 Survey of Western Literature 3 ENG101
HUM221 The Making of the Modern World 3 CIV101
HUM222 Topics in Chinese History 3 CIV102 BFA-CCD
HUM231 Comparative Culture: China and West 3 CIV101 & CIV102
MUS142 History of Western Music (Medieval – Early Baroque) 2 MUS141 BM
MUS241 History of Western Music (High Baroque – Classical) 2 MUS142 BM
MUS242 History of Western Music (Romantic – Contemporary) 2 MUS241 BM

Writing and Rhetoric (3 cr required)

Courses that further develop students' communication skills in writing and speaking.

Code Title Credits Prerequisites Required for
ENG104 Public Speaking 3 ENG101
ENG201 Technical Writing 3 ENG101
ENG205 Writing for Media 3 ENG101
ENG221 Debate and Argumentation 3 ENG101

Quantitative Reasoning (3 cr required)

Courses in mathematics and statistics that develop students' skills in mathematical thinking and quantitative skills.

Code Title Credits Prerequisites Required for
MAT101 Mathematics in Applied Context 3   
SAT101 Introduction to Statistics 3   
MAT103 Linear Algebra 4   
MAT104 Applied Calculus 3   
MAT105 Calculus I 4   
MAT106 Calculus II 4   

Scientific Reasoning (3 cr required)

Courses that impart scientific reasoning skills through the study of a chosen field of natural science or social science or through readings in a variety of scientific fields.

Code Title Credits Prerequisites Required for
ECO101 Principles of Economics 3   
BMS132 Nutrition, Health and Wellness 3   
BMS135 Introduction to Psychology 3   
BSC100 Principles of Biology 3   
BSC100L Principles of Biology Lab 1 Take with BSC100
CHM100 Principles of Chemistry 3   
CHM100L Principles of Chemistry Lab 1 Take with CHM100
PHY101 General Physics I 3
PHY101L General Physics I Lab 1 Take with PHY101
LAS334 Topics in Liberal Arts and Sciences 3 Junior standing BFA-CCD, BFA-SPD, BM

Art and Aesthetics (5 cr required)

Courses that facilitate students' inquiry in the fine and performing arts including dance, music, and visual arts.

Code Title Credits Prerequisites Required for
ARH101 Art History I 3   
ARH102 Art History II 3   
ART111 Visual Literacy I 2   
ARH131 History of Graphic Design 3   
DAN242 History of Dance: East and West 2    BFA-Dance
CCD341 History of Classical Chinese Dance 3    BFA-CCD
CCD412A Advanced Choreography A 2    BFA-CCD
MUS141 History of Western Music (Overview) 1    BM
MUS204 History of Music 3    BFA-Dance
MUS243 History of Chinese Music 3    BFA-Dance
MUS211A Advanced Western Music Theory A 2 MUS111B BM
MUS211B Advanced Western Music Theory B 2 MUS211A BM
SPD101 Fundamentals of Stagecraft and Production 2    BFA-SPD
SPD140 Introduction to Theater History and Practices 3    BFA-SPD

Values and Ethics (1 cr required)

Courses that foster students' awareness of the classical virtues and values of different cultural traditions and lay a foundation for ethical conduct.

Code Title Credits Prerequisites Required for
PHL101 Moral Awareness and Spiritual Practice 1    BFA-CCD, BM
PHL131 Philosophical Perspectives I 1   
PHL132 Philosophical Perspectives II 1 PHL131
PHL231 Philosophical Perspectives III 1 PHL231

World Language and Literature (8 cr required)

Courses that help students develop knowledge and skills in a foreign language through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Currently only Chinese language courses are available. Other language options will be provided when feasible.

Code Title Credits Prerequisites Required for
CLC101 Beginning Chinese I 4 Placement test
CLC102 Beginning Chinese II 4 CLC101 or placement test
CLC111 Elementary Chinese I 4 CLC102 or placement test
CLC112 Elementary Chinese II 4 CLC111 or placement test
CLC211 Intermediate Chinese I 4 CLC112 or placement test
CLC212 Intermediate Chinese II 4 CLC211 or placement test
CLC311 Advanced Chinese I 4 CLC212 or placement test
CLC312 Advanced Chinese II 4 CLC311 or placement test


  1. Some courses may be split into two parts (A and B) and taught in two semesters to accommodate the schedule and learning for performing arts students. In such cases, the course objectives, contents, and total hours of instruction remain the same as if the courses are taught in one semester without splitting.
  2. In some cases, a course may be used to meet both the requirements of Gen Ed and a major or minor. In such cases, the credits of the course are counted only once toward the total number of credits for the major or minor.
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