Curriculum Details

The following table lists the courses for the MFA in Fine Art Program.

Course List for MFA in Fine Art Program

Code Course Title Credits Prerequisite(s)
Core Requirements (57 cr)
ARH501A Aesthetics I: Ancient to Neoclassicism 2 None
ARH501B Aesthetics I: Ancient to Neoclassicism 2 ARH501A
ARH611A Aesthetics II: Modern to Postmodernism 2 ARH501A, ARH501B
ARH611B Aesthetics II: Modern to Postmodernism 2 ARH501AB, ARH611A
ADR531R Advanced Figure Drawing I 4 None
ADR533R Advanced Figure Drawing II 4 ADR531R
ADR632R Advanced Figure Drawing III 4 ADR533R
ADR532R Advanced Figure Painting I 6 DRP323A or Portfolio
ADR534R Advanced Figure Painting II 6 ADR532R
ADR633R Advanced Figure Painting III 6 ADR534R
ADR521 Painting Material and Techniques 1 None
ADR641R Composition and Design 4 None
ART641R Group Critique Seminar I 2 None
ART741R Group Critique Seminar II 2 ART641R
ART742R Group Critique Seminar III 2 ART741R
ART661 Professional Development I: Thesis Research 2 None
ART761 Professional Development II: Representation and Exhibitions 2 ART661
FOC751R Self-Directed Study I 2 None
FOC781R Self-Directed Study II 2 FOC751R
Electives (Complete 8 credits from the following)
ARH673 Chinese Painting Culture 2 None
ADR571 Tempera Painting 2 None
ART541 Advanced Color Theory 2 None
ART652 Advanced Anatomical Memorization 2 None
ART531 Structural Anatomy 2 None
ART532 Advanced Anatomy: Ecorche 2 None
ART572 Illustration 2 None
ART671 Chinese Art Studio I 2 None
ART672 Chinese Art Studio II 2 ART651
ADR535R Advanced Landscape Painting 3 None
Total Credits Required for Graduation 65
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