Curriculum Details

The following table lists the courses for the MS in Data Science Program.

Course List for MS in Data Science

Code Course Title Credits Prerequisite(s)
Core Requirements (15 cr)
STA401 Regression Analysis 3 None
DAS422 Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization 3 None
STA411 Statistical Inference 3 None
CIS431 Modern Applied Statistical Learning 3 None
DAS441 Data Mining for Business 3 None
Electives (12 cr)
   Select four courses from the following
CIS543 Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing 3 CIS536
CIS441 Cloud Computing and Big Data 3 None
DAS421 Sample Survey and Customer Analytics 3 None
CIS536 Applied Machine Learning 3 CIS431
STA421 Design and Analysis of Experiments and Quality Control 3 None
STA441 Survival Analysis 3 STA411
STA531 Multivariate Analysis 3 STA411
STA535 Bayesian Analysis 3 STA411
STA545 Nonparametric Statistics 3 STA411
Capstone (4cr)
DAS561 Capstone Project 4 Dept. Approval
Total Credits Required for Graduation 31
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