Curriculum Overview

The BFA in Fine Arts and Design is a 126-semester credit curriculum with three major components: major requirements, general education, and free electives.

BFA in Fine Arts Curriculum

Area Credits
Major Requirements 83
   Drawing Fundamentals Skills and Training 14
   Art History and Theory 11
   Concentration courses, one of
     Oil Painting 48
       Drawing Skills and Techniques 24
       Oil Painting Skill and Techniques 20
       Composition 4
     Graphic Design 48
       Fundamental Design Skills 21
       Design History, Theory, Lectures 14
       Electives 13
   Professionalism and Career Development 10
General Education 37
   College-wide Gen-Ed Courses
     *Including 5 cr provided by the major
   Additional Gen-Ed Courses 2
Free Electives 6
Total Required Credits for Graduation 126
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