Curriculum Details

Major Requirements (87 credits)

The major requirements are comprised of fundamental courses in theater production, which provide students a solid technical foundation in the fields of set design, drafting, sound, lighting, and digital media techniques, as well as pre-professional experience and insight into real-life stage production and design.

Code Course Title Cr Prerequisite(s)
Theory and history (13 cr)
SPD111 A&B Drawing A & B (2 credits each) 4 None
SPD140 Introduction to Theater History and Practices 3 None
SPD202 Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics 3 None
SPD330 Introduction to Stage Management 3 None
Set Design (5 cr)
SPD101 Fundamentals of Stagecraft and Production 2 None
SPD212 Scenic and Set Design I 3 SPD211 A
Drafting (4 cr)
SPD211 A&B Drafting A & B (2 credits each) 4 None
Digital Media Techniques (9 cr)
SPD120 Introduction to Digital Media 2 None
SPD220 Digital Media Production: Techniques 2 SPD120
SPD221 Digital Media 2D Matte Painting 3 None
SPD327 Rendering and Projection Techniques 2 None
Sound (6 cr)
SPD314 A&B Live Sound A & B 4 None
SPD317 Sound Recording Techniques 2 SPD314 A
Lighting (3 cr)
SPD213 Lighting Design and Production I 3 None
Costume Design (3 cr)
SPD316 Costume Design I 3 None
Practice (13 cr)
SPD150, SPD250, SPD350, SPD450 Rehearsal & Performance Production I, II, III, IV (1 credit each) 4 None
SPD155, SPD255, SPD355 Theater Production Practice I, II, III (3 credits each) 9 None
Capstone Experience (11 cr)
SPD455 Theater Production Practicum 3 SPD355
SPD456 A&B Senior Production / Portfolio A & B 8 Senior standing
SPD457 Senior Thesis 3 Senior standing
Major Electives (select at least 20 cr)
SPD223 Digital Media Filming and Editing 4 SPD220
SPD325 Digital Media Composition 3 SPD220
SPD227 Introduction to Photography 2 None
SPD311 Scene Painting and Figure Drawing 2 SPD111B
SPD312 Scenic and Set Design II 3 SPD212
SPD315 Drafting C (Vectorworks) 2 SPD211B
SPD324 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Animation 4 None
SPD328 A&B Video Production for the Theater A & B 4 SPD220
SPD313 Lighting Design and Production II 3 SPD213
SPD351 Independent Study in Stage Production and Design 2 Junior standing
SPD414 A&B Advanced Live Sound A & B 4 SPD314B
SPD416 Costume Design II 3 SPD316
SPD426 A&B Digital Media Portfolio A & B 8 None
Total 111

General Education (35 credits)

All undergraduate students are required to complete a minimum of 40 credits of General Education (Gen Ed) Core.

The following major courses also fulfill the Art and Aesthetics requirement (5 credits) in Gen Ed for students in Stage Production and Design.

Degree Specified Courses for the Gen Ed Core

Code Title Credits Gen Ed Area
SPD101 Fundamentals of Stagecraft and Production 2 Art and Aesthetics
SPD140 Introduction to Theater History and Practices 3 Art and Aesthetics

Free Electives (6 credits)

Students are required to take an additional 6 credits of courses of their choice offered by the College.

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