Curriculum Overview

The curriculum for the BS in Biomedical Sciences is a 121-semester credit program with three major components: major requirements, general education core, and free electives.

BS in Biomedical Science Curriculum

Area Credits
Major Requirements 70
   Major Core    39
   Major Electives    31
     Biomedical Sciences
     General Science
General Education Requirements 45
   College Core    11
     College Success      2
     College English      3
     World Civilizations      6
   Breadth Distribution    26
     Humanities      6
     Writing and Rhetoric      3
     Quantitative Reasoning      3
     Scientific Reasoning      6
       Natural Sciences, 3cr
       Social Sciences, 3cr
     Art and Aesthetics      5
     Values and Ethics      3
   World Language and Literature    8
Free Electives 6
Total Required Credits for Graduation 121
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