Program Concentrations

This program offers two concentrations: Integrative Health Sciences and General Sciences. It is the first in the State of New York that offers an Integrative Health Sciences concentration.

Integrative Health Sciences: the Integrative Health Sciences concentration offers courses in nutrition, kinesiology, epidemiology, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, and other healing disciplines in addition to basic science courses related to biomedical science. Students will learn to examine each person as a unique biological entity in order to understand the underlying root causes of illness while striving for an optimum state of wellness.

General Sciences: The General Sciences concentration includes additional courses in biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, physics, and neuroscience. It offers a balanced approach to basic, applied, and clinical science in healthcare and prepares students for a wide range of advanced studies, including graduate research, medical school, dental school, veterinary school, pharmacy school and other health related professional schools.

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