Curriculum Overview

All undergraduate students are required to complete the General Education (Gen Ed) Core. The Gen Ed Core is composed of coursework in ten distinct areas, totaling a minimum of 40 credits. Detailed requirements are listed in the table below.

Each degree program can augment the core requirements by incorporating additional course areas, increasing the number required credits in some areas, or requiring specific courses in certain areas. Please refer to each degree program section for additional Gen Ed requirements.

College-Wide General Education Core Curriculum

General Education Area Minimum Credits
College Core (11 cr)
   College Success 2
   College English 3
   World Civilizations 6
Breadth Distribution (21 cr)
   Humanities 6
   Writing and Rhetoric 3
   Quantitative Reasoning 3
   Scientific Reasoning 3
   Art and Aesthetics 5
   Values and Ethics 1
World Language and Literature (8 cr)
Total Required Credits 40
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