Code of Professional Conduct

The College seeks to inspire and host an academic community dedicated to the cultivation of classic virtues, knowledge, and skills, in accordance with its mission. Our community and environment are built upon, and preserved through each member’s commitment to, conduct that reflects the moral ideals and standards of the College.

All personnel are expected to set a good example of a life that combines the quest for higher learning with the cultivation of classic virtues, conducts work in a professional manner consistent with the values of the College, and refrains from conduct that would adversely affect fulfillment of the institutional mission.

The cornerstone of this policy is the Honor Code, which states in part: By accepting appointment, continuing in employment, being admitted, or continuing enrollment, each member of the College community personally commits to observe these Honor Code standards:

  • Act honestly.
  • Live a life of virtue.
  • Respect others.
  • Obey the law and comply with College policies and campus regulations.
  • Cultivate a noble and responsible character.
  • Encourage others in their commitment to abide by the Honor Code.

In addition, personnel are expected to demonstrate the following standards:

  • Seek opportunities to serve others and commit to providing high-quality professional service.
  • Practice responsible citizenship and stewardship of College resources.
  • Support and value one another’s contributions.
  • Be accountable for their actions.
  • Observe the Dress and Grooming Standards.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Community members receive and generate on behalf of the College various types of confidential, proprietary, and private information. It is imperative that each community member complies with all federal laws and state laws, and College policies and principles pertaining to the use, protection, and disclosure of such information; such policies apply even after the community member’s relationship with the College ends.

Compliance with Laws

Members of the College community must transact College business in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and College policies and procedures. Managers and supervisors are responsible for training supervisees and monitoring compliance. When questions arise pertaining to interpretation or applicability of a policy, the responsible office should be contacted. Unresolved questions and requests for an interpretation of laws and regulations should be referred to Legal Counsel.

The College will investigate reports of suspected non-compliance with this Code of Professional Conduct and implement corrective or disciplinary action when necessary.

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