Curriculum Details

Major Requirements (69 credits)

The major requirements are comprised of fundamental courses in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, concentration courses in either precision health or creative industries, as well as courses that enable students to develop professional experience and insights.

Required Major Courses BS in Data Science

Code Course Title Credits Prerequisite(s)
Mathematics and Statistics (27 cr)
MAT105 Calculus I 4 None
MAT103 Linear Algebra 4 None
MAT106 Calculus II 4 MAT105
STA101 Introduction to Statistics 3 None
STA205 Statistical Computing and Graphics 3 STA101
STA202 Introduction to Probability 3 STA101 & MAT106
STA211 Statistical Theory and Methods 3 STA202
STA311 Applied Regression Analysis 3 STA101 & MAT103
Computer Science (18 cr)
CIS102 Introduction to Computing 3 None
CIS105 Data Structure and Algorithms 3 CIS102
CIS221 Database Systems 3 CIS102
CIS331 Data Mining 3 CIS105 & STA101
CIS335 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 3 CIS105 & STA101
CIS341 Cloud Computing and Big Data 3 CIS102
Senior Synthesis and Career Development (4 cr)
DAS451 Senior Project 4 Department approval
Concentration: Choose one of
   Concentration - Precision Health Concentration (12 cr)
BMS231 Public Health & Epidemiology 3 STA101
BMS245 Introduction to Precision Health 3 None
DAS342 Health Data Analytics 3 STA101
STA341 Survival Analysis 3 STA211 or instruct. approval
   Concentration - Creative Industries Concentration (12 cr)
ECO211 Microeconomics 3 MAT105
BUS211 Marketing for Creative Industries 3 None
BUS213 Business Finance 3 ACC221
DAS341 Business Data Analysis 3 STA101
Major Electives (8 cr)
   Select from the following
STA335 Bayesian Analysis 3 STA211 or instruct. approval
STA321 Design and Analysis of Experiments 3 STA211 or instruct. approval
DAS321 Sample Survey and Customer Analytics 3 STA101
CIS121 Java Programming 3 None
CIS103 Web Development 3 None
CIS104 Essentials for Software Development in Data Science 3 None
CIS241 Practical Data Analytics Using Python 1 CIS102
CIS242 Computational Analysis and Practical Programming 1 MAT105, MAT103, STA101 & CIS102
DAS151A Real-time Data Analysis A 1 None
DAS151B Real-time Data Analysis B 1 DAS151A
DAS152A Applied Real-time Data Analysis A 1 DAS151B
DAS152B Applied Real-time Data Analysis B 0 DAS152A
DAS351 Data Science Internship 3 Permission form
DAS461 Directed Study: Career Development 2 Upon instruct. approval
MAT207 Calculus III 3 MAT106
STA331 Multivariate Analysis 3 STA211 or instruct. approval
STA345 Nonparametric Statistics 3 STA211 or instruct. approval
STA305 Advanced Statistical Computing and Graphics 3 STA211 & STA205 or instruct. approval
BSC333 Introduction to Bioinformatics 3 STA101
DAS345 Introduction to Computational Biology 3 BSC101 & STA101
BSC221 Human Genetics and Genomics 3 BSC101
ECO343 Health Economics 3 ECO101
BUS335 Pricing and Revenue Management 3 ECO101 & MAT105
MAT301 Mathematical Analysis (no longer available) 4 None
MAT311 Matrix Analysis 3 MAT103
STA371 Optimization 3 STA211 or instruct. approval
DAS455 Senior Practicum (no longer available) 4 Upon advisor approval
Total Credits Required for Graduation 69

General Education (42 credits)

All undergraduate students are required to complete a minimum of 40 credits of General Education (Gen Ed) Core. Data Science program course requirement STA101 fulfills the Quantitative Reasoning requirement for Data Science majors. However, all Data Science majors must take ECO101 to fulfill the Scientific Reasoning requirement.

Degree Specified Courses for the Gen Ed Core

Code Title Credits Gen Ed Area
STA101 Introduction to Statistics 3 Quantitative Reasoning
ECO101 Introduction to Economics 3 Scientific Reasoning

BS in Data Science majors are also required to take PHL132 and 232, and a natural science course as an additional Gen Ed requirement.

Degree Required Additional Gen Ed Courses

Code Course Title Cr
PHL132 Philosophical Perspectives II 1
PHL231 Philosophical Perspectives III 1
   Select at least 3 cr from the following
BMS132 Nutrition, Health and Wellness 3
BSC100 Principles of Biology 3
BSC100L Principles of Biology Lab 1
CHM100 Principles of Chemistry 3
CHM100L Principles of Chemistry Lab 1
PHY101 General Physics I 3
PHY101L General Physics I Lab 1

Free Electives (9 credits)

Students are required to take an additional 9 credits of courses of their choice offered by the College.

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