Curriculum Details

The following table lists the courses for the MFA in Dance Program.

Code Course Title Cr Prerequisite(s)
Studio Core (22 cr)
CCD501R Graduate Classical Chinese Dance 16
CCD511 Graduate Choreography I 2
CCD521R Chinese Dance Repertory I 4
Dance and Music
CCD502 Integration of Dance and Music 1
Academic Core (12 cr)
CCD512 Advanced Pedagogy I 2
History and Theory
CCD541 Dance Throughout the Ages 3
LAS551A Research Methodology in the Arts A 1
LAS551B Research Methodology in the Arts B 1
Dance and Culture
CCD541 Seminar: Dance in Cultural Context 2
CCD542 Topics in Dance Ethnography 2
Electives (20 cr)
Studio Electives (at least 10 cr), select from the following
CCD503 Acting for Stage 1
CCD555 Graduate Practicum 4
CCD551 Graduate Independent Study or Project 1–6
CCD601 Graduate Classical Chinese Dance Studio Practice 4
DAN502 Techniques of Other Dance Systems I 2
DAN602 Techniques of Other Dance Systems II 2
CCD611 Graduate Choreography II 2 CCD511
CCD621 Chinese Dance Repertory II 4 CCD611
CCD661 Graduate Internship 1–7
Academic Electives, select from the following
CCD612 Advanced Pedagogy II 2 CCD512
CCD571 Holistic Health for Artists 2
CCD671 Psychology in Dance Education 2
CCD631 Dance Kinesiology 2
CCD613 Perspectives on Dance Aesthetics 2
LAS522A Seminar in Performing Arts Management A 1.5
LAS522B Seminar in Performing Arts Management B 1.5
LAS581 Media Technology for the Arts 2
Master Projects (6 cr)
CCD750 Master’s Project 6
Total Credits Required for Graduation 60
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